Since the company’s founding more than 110 years ago, we at MORITO JAPAN have been providing a wide range of products in line with the times focusing on the industrial accessories (parts) of mainly eyelets, press fasteners, MAGIC TAPES, etc. used for from garments-related sector such as clothes/footwears to video equipment, automobiles, etc. In 2019, our company group was inaugurated as a wholly owned subsidiary company of MORITO CO., LTD. as the division company in June 2022 along the reorganization of its organization . In addition, the group has been implementing the business restructuring each business with enhancing the speciality.

MORITO JAPAN has been developing the business with a focus on deeply blending into our lives, and our products are being used many in our day-to-day lives as an accessory (parts) and also as a product. Now this time, we have newly expressed the value that we can provide to everyone with a word “Create novelty in the way we do naturally”. Under a spirit of the word, we are intended to make efforts to provide better products and better services more than ever from the viewpoint of “Safe/safety/environment/health”.

The environment surrounding us continues to change in a stream in the future too, however, we firmly believe that the change itself is a good opportunity to increase the significance of MORITO JAPAN’s existence values. We would greatly appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director, CEO,
Kenji Kojima


Management Philosophy Link with Parts, Link with You
Connected to the Future

  • MORITO JAPAN intends to supply a wide variety of parts worldwide, and to pursue making the unlimited market beyond a genre.
  • We take shape our customer’s requests, realizing the intrinsic Manufacturing (Monozukuri) leading to people’s rich life.
  • We will contribute to the making of the future coming together with all stakeholders by demonstrating our ability of the value imagination capability in the total viewpoint of safety, functionality, comfortability and design property.

Management Vision Realize the best partnership
to create the existence value

  • Provide the value responded to the change of society (Capture society’s new needs, and propose by its own initiative)
  • Manufacturing (Monozukuri) beyond the customer’s expectations (Retain a strong competitiveness, and “Always” selected from partners)
  • Feeling of appreciation and courage to take on challenge (Have a feeling of appreciation, and continue to challenge without fearing the change)

Action Guideline

Win the immeasurable confidence
from customers/partners
  • Continue to issue the messages of valuable information and ideas
  • Provide satisfaction beyond expectations by responding to the requests of customers and partners in an early and more exact manner.
Understand partners and cooperate with them
  • Accept a diverse sense of values, and respect the partner’s opinions
  • Work with various walks of life, and achieve greater results
Fulfill own responsibility
  • Know your own roles, and persist to accomplish it
  • Put up higher goals, and continue to grow yourself having willingness and aspiration
Exercise your imagination
  • Sharpen up your sensitivity, and take on a challenge the things new having curiosity
  • Have a wide range of perspectives and flexibility, and sense the change to respond
Be sincerity
  • Respect the partner with always having politeness, and conduct yourself sincerely
  • Have a high sense of ethics, and comply with laws and ordinances, social code of conduct and rules
  • Have responsibility and pride as a member of MORITO, and contribute to society through the business activity
Management philosophy of
the MORITO group

Please feel free to contact us with
any consultations and questions.